Are you ready to live free, enjoy a rich income and live a happy, fulfilling life right now?

Life Purpose Class will show you how!

Thank you Jeff and Shaleia!

I want to say thank you to Jeff and Shaleia for their support and their guidance! Watching Life Purpose Class (LPC) is seriously transforming my life! I’ve been working on my LP work (illustrator/artist) for awhile but now I’ve fully chosen to do it with God and it has made everything unfold, deepen and grow so beautifully.

Ally Prasad


Life Purpose class has brought clarity to my work as well as money. Shortly after subscribing to Life Purpose Class I was contacted for two art commissions. Less than two months later I also received a promotion at work as well as contacts reaching out to me about a higher paying job.

This class is truly a gift and has allowed me to work through blocks to my abundance and feel confident in pursuing my true passion and desire. Being able to view the recorded class no matter how old is a blessing because the lessons are still relevant today and allow for deeper understanding.

Andrea Scott

An eternal gift

Just finished watching the most recent class, LPC #97, and I feel so much peaceful realignment to my true self. The message of peaceful persistence is exactly what my consciousness needed to feel at ease. So grateful to be taught the way to polish my consciousness so I can lead every day with peace, and create my abundance from that place. Also reminds me why having a subscription is such an amazing investment. What a gift to have classes always available to put my being at ease, and to resolve my upsets so soundly. Thank you Jeff and Shaleia. 

Daniel Thelen

Life Purpose Class is an epic education in mastery you can receive from Jeff and Shaleia, who are already living it. 

They didn’t start rich, free, or satisfied. They struggled through deep credit card debt, dead-end part-time, minimum wage jobs. They dealt with having no connections, almost no resources, and living in extreme poverty before they arrived to where they are today; rich, happy, and free. And they can teach you exactly how you can become rich, happy and free through Life Purpose Class.

Life Purpose Class, or LPC for short, is a 150+ hour class given over the course of 100+ sessions, designed to help you become rich, happy, and free in a way almost unheard of on the planet today. It truly is the next level in lifestyle reserved for those willing to learn the very well taught lessons by very seasoned and professional teachers demonstrating and sharing it with you.

LPC follows the stories of about a dozen students and the teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, who journey through the teachings of the class. You will watch class by class as the students and the teachers lives are transformed miraculously through the teachings, and if you follow along and apply what you learn in the classes, your life will absolutely transform too.

You don’t have to be business savvy, you don’t have to sell anything, and you don’t have to do ANYTHING you don’t want to do to achieve this for yourself. The formula is simple, clear, and straightforward and produces amazing results every single time for every single person. We absolutely and sincerely guarantee your life will transform from this teaching. We know it will because it always does, every time, with every person, because the information is absolutely real.

LPC teaches you how to find within yourself what you love to do most, and then it shows you how you can easily capitalize on that love to create the most profitable career you can possibly pursue.  It doesn’t matter how much money you made before.

While you can be very good at something and have invested a lot of time, energy, money, love, and resources into becoming very good at it, it still is NEVER going to be as profitable, fun, easy, effortless, fulfilling and powerful for you as you doing what you absolutely love most in your heart.

Life Purpose Class will teach you how to discover this, and show you the way to turning this into the most juicy, delightful, wonderful, amazing, and purpose-filled adventure of your life.  You will be able to do the following and so, so much more:

-Quit the job, career, or business you dislike.

-Afford EVERYTHING you desire (and WAY, WAY, WAY more!)

-Live a life free of financial, emotional, energetic, social, and time limitations.

-Do everything you desired to do in life (check off everything on your bucket list.)

-Enjoy the most rich, happy, fulfilling life you possibly can.

You might wondering, “Is this really possible?”

It is normal to feel skeptical, it is intelligent to question things and discover the deepest truth of the matter. It is appropriate for you to want to get to the bottom of this. Somewhere in your heart though, you know what we are promising is true, because you know this perfect lifestyle is supposed to be yours.

Yes, we have promised much. But in fact, the promises made were very, very small aspects of the much more magnificent life you will lead as a result of this work.

That’s because living your Life Purpose fully, is the only lifestyle where all your dreams come true.

And what’s more beyond that, all the dreams you didn’t know were yours and for you will come true as well.

Jeff and Shaleia knew the hard life. They knew what it was like to live paycheck to paycheck. They knew what it was like to be in horrible, crushing debt. They knew what it was like to not know what to do with their lives. They knew what it was like to live a life completely devoid of meaning. They knew what it was like to not be respected or cared about. They knew what it was like to feel poor, without purpose, without direction, without joy. They knew unhappiness.

But instead of covering it all up and bargaining away their free time, they did something smart, something really, really smart. They sought to find a sustainable way out of all their financial, emotional, and spiritual issues not by avoiding them, but by mastering the challenges in front of them.

Through a huge spiritual journey that would take an entire book to explore even parts of the experience, they uncovered some of the most valuable treasure they had ever heard of in their entire lives. They discovered the answer to all these problems was discovering and living their Life Purpose.

They found each person has an absolutely unique Life Purpose. No one else in the whole Universe is exactly like you, or anyone else. Everyone is so unique, and so there is no “one size fits-all” job, career, business, or opportunity for everyone, but there IS a single teaching which can show you your absolutely unique Life Purpose.

Throughout each LPC lesson, you will find a veritable treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and awareness that will gently and robustly guide you as quickly as possible to discovering and living your Life Purpose.

When you discover and fully live your Life Purpose, all the doors in your life will begin to open up for you.

Everything you always wanted, but maybe never thought possible, will start coming to you like magic, miraculously.  Sports stars, famous actors, great business-people, powerful political leaders, genius creators, they all deep down knew something in their hearts that made them all ultra successful. It put their success on auto-pilot.

You can’t just work really hard at something to become ultra successful at it. You can’t just put all your time and energy behind something and expect to become the best in the world at it. You have to have something very, very special behind it that makes you SOAR above your peers.

We’re not talking about starting over from scratch like it might appear our student the ultra successful trial lawyer had to do. We’re talking about showing you a way where you can capitalize on ALL your previous experiences to master one single, very simple, extraordinarily powerful thing: Your Life Purpose.

Life Purpose Class will make quick work of helping you discover your Life Purpose, and help you see how you can capitalize on it fast. Many students found IMMEDIATE results after a short time of their dedicated study of Life Purpose Class.

Don’t get us wrong, however. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is NOT going to result in you winning the lottery the week after you subscribe to LPC, and it is NOT going to make you an overnight billionaire.

It does, however, have the power to turn you into a billionaire if that is your heart’s deepest and truest desire.  LPC shows you the powerful person you really are inside, and helps you to discover all the things you love most.  It teaches you how to leverage all those things easily and naturally, and how to work in harmony with the Universe to create a positively perfect life for yourself.

There will be work involved. You MUST apply the teachings in FULL to get the results, but if you do, you will be laughing your way through your life for the rest of your life. Your stomach will always be full, your bank account will always be full, and your heart will always be full.

The reason this works is because you have absolutely no resistance to doing the things you really want to do. It’s much easier to become very rich doing something you love, than to become very rich doing something you don’t love, even though the market is more favorable for the thing you hate.  If you live a life in pursuit of money, that is all you will get.  If you live a life in pursuit of sex, that is all you will get.  But if you live your life as an expression of your Life Purpose, you will get so, SO much more than you imagined, and ALL of it will be good and perfect for you.

Jeff and Shaleia discovered very powerful and very Divine secrets about life and the Universe in their travels, challenges, and explorations.  It rocketed them out of a life of poverty and destitution, and into a rich and happy life filled with rich meaning and purpose.  And get this, they didn’t make their money teaching others how to make money! They got their money teaching others about love, and now they’ve released Life Purpose Class to the public so YOU can learn how to live the happiest, richest, most satisfying life you could ever possibly imagine.

Life Purpose Class is one of the best financial investments you could possibly make.

Subscribing gives you lifetime access to all 100+ Life Purpose Class lessons, and there are two ways you can pay. 

If you’re looking to get the absolute best possible deal dollar for dollar, you can pay for the whole course at once and get a great discount. OR, if money is tight for you at first, you can subscribe and make monthly payments for a year.  This gives you plenty of time to pay off the course, and then you get to keep it for life!  Don’t worry, we won’t check your credit in any way, and we absolutely trust you will make all 12 payments, because keeping LPC for life and locking into the current low price will be far more than worth it for you.  The lessons are re-watchable at any stage of your life, even if you become a billionaire!

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