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Life Purpose class has brought clarity to my work as well as money. Shortly after subscribing to Life Purpose Class I was contacted for two art commissions. Less than two months later I also received a promotion at work as well as contacts reaching out to me about a higher paying job.

This class is truly a gift and has allowed me to work through blocks to my abundance and feel confident in pursuing my true passion and desire. Being able to view the recorded class no matter how old is a blessing because the lessons are still relevant today and allow for deeper understanding.

Andrea Scott

Aligning with my Destiny

I used to believe with all my heart that my Life Purpose was different than I know it to be now.


For so long, I wanted to be a doctor and spent a lot of my awakening studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and life force, which eventually led me on my Twin Flame Journey. It was SO JUICY and was what kept my fire burning during some of my darkest days living in Eastern Africa. I had a deep passion for it and even healed my body using its principles mixed with meditation and healing techniques (the Mirror Exercise!).


What I realized, though, is that I kept putting off medical school more and more… while I was actually being more and more present in this community, supporting classmates through spiritual work, and eventually starting my own Coaching business. There were some times when coaching didn’t feel good to me entirely, but medical school continued to float out of my grasp… so I finally surrendered and realized that all this time I was aspiring to be a healer, but in two separate modalities! Separation. I sat with the two, found the core values between them and realized that I’m a healer. I am a coach. I love. And any resistance in my coaching was resistance to myself. And I could heal that.


The most in-alignment way of being a healer and healing the most people, touching the most lives, quickly, is by being an Ascension Coach. So, as it turns out, I was actually doing my LP all along! Attaching to the dream of Med school right now was a huge energy leak and kept me from grounding deeper into my business to support myself. Now that it’s been about a year since this realization and surrendering attachment to med school, going back to studying online or perusing medical literature doesn’t feel good to me any more. I can really see how I was attaching my passion for nurturing others to medical school when the true answer has been sitting in front of me all along.


One of the biggest lessons I have learned in this school is about leaking my energy. Every time I find a huge energy leak and heal it, I instantly get a surge of creative energy that I can feel viscerally in my body and serves as inspiration to build and create (and, obviously, make money!!!).

Stephanie Cole

Miracles happen when you pursue your Life’s Purpose

I had no money and bills to pay. I prayed for a way to pay them and trusted God. In the next few days, I organized a six-week course to teach about Twin Flames in Dutch. Upon posting about it on FB, I received a paying client. From this money I could pay my bills for another month (thanks God). I then prayed to God for a sustainable income. Shortly after, I was hired at a village shop. The moment I let resistance go, I felt at ease. God is helping me transition and it is beautiful.

Marie-Sophie Van De Pas

Thank you Jeff and Shaleia!

I want to say thank you to Jeff and Shaleia for their support and their guidance! Watching Life Purpose Class (LPC) is seriously transforming my life! I’ve been working on my LP work (illustrator/artist) for awhile but now I’ve fully chosen to do it with God and it has made everything unfold, deepen and grow so beautifully.

Ally Prasad

Dreams are coming true!

I have been following Life Purpose Class for more than 2 years now to help me following my actual life purpose and it feels completely different than any ‘regular’ job I’ve had. I have manifested the miracle of doing actual work as an artist and even leading a team, where the project feels so perfectly aligned with everything everyone in the team desires to. This can only happen with following your Life Purpose. Working so closely with who you truly are and keep diving deeper in it, does feel like coming into Harmonious Union, great love and like dreams coming true. The energy feels very high and working feels like you’re playing all day for a bigger purpose. I love it!

Liënne ten Kate

An eternal gift

Just finished watching the most recent class, LPC #97, and I feel so much peaceful realignment to my true self. The message of peaceful persistence is exactly what my consciousness needed to feel at ease. So grateful to be taught the way to polish my consciousness so I can lead every day with peace, and create my abundance from that place. Also reminds me why having a subscription is such an amazing investment. What a gift to have classes always available to put my being at ease, and to resolve my upsets so soundly. Thank you Jeff and Shaleia. 

Daniel Thelen

Building a life I don’t need a vacation from

Started out my morning with a coaching session and now I have a few hours at the beach to swim and chill with God before the work of the day continues. Every day looks different. I’m designing the kind of life where I can take my work on vacation so that I don’t need to take a full time vacation from my life to feel good.

Within a matter of months this became a possibility for me using the work and principles taught by Jeff and Shaleia in Life Purpose Class. This work will work for you too 😎

What do you desire for your life?

Carina Viljoen

be open to receive

This is not a business class, nor is it just a Law of Attraction class. It’s a deep healing that helps you align with your spiritual truth, and how that manifests in your work. There are palpable energetic shifts from watching each class, and “emotional junk” is constantly dredged up from my subconscious. You might find that you need to sleep after watching just one class, because what’s happening to you is vibrational, not just a spoken teaching.

There are also tangible material gains from subscribing to this. Within 1 month of subscribing to LPC, I was gifted a new Lexus SUV. I did absolutely no physical work to receive it, I just watched the classes and did my inner healing work. This class is a beautiful gift.


This work changed everything for me, and I will never look back.

Life Purpose Class shows you how to achieve true wealth, abundance and prosperity on a soul level. It helped me realize that having money and wealth is actually an inner state of being that manifests itself on the outside, and the best way to manifest perfect wealth and abundance is through doing what you were literally created to do. This teaching shows you how loving our Universe really is, how you are perfectly and naturally supported when you’re in perfect alignment with who you are, at the core. And when you’re in alignment, you have true happiness. You have true happiness and perfect peace, and literally everything you could ever desire. This class not only shows you the ins and outs of perfect business, but it reveals the nature of all things as loving when you actively do your spiritual work that heals your blocks to living your perfect life. I have learned so much about life and wealth through these classes and through Jeff and Shaleia’s work. You just have to experience it for yourself and dive in. It’s the best investment I have ever made.

Michaila Franklin

Living my true life purpose

Life Purpose Class has given me the understanding of bringing God into all aspects of my life. I never truly connected with God and was blocked off trying to create abundance in my life. I have now since began bringing an entire new energy into my work and finances and am working my dream job as a Twin Flame Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe. Thank you Jeff & Shaleia for creating our home. It is truly special here with my spiritual family.

Ryan McIntyre

This teaching set me free.

Where would I be without LPC…

When I found this teaching I was broke, working at a restaurant that totally stressed me out and felt like I was completely wasting my life and my potential. I’m a very intelligent person but I tried college a few different times and it just wasn’t right for me. I knew in my heart and soul that I was meant to do something very important, but I didn’t know what or how to match my internal passion with anything real. I bounced around from barista gig to waitressing job for years, and felt totally lost, until I found these classes and started implementing this teaching.

Within 1 month of subscribing I was able to quit my waitressing job and launch a full time business from home. Through continuing to apply the teachings I steadily grew my income and then got my dream job offer directly from Jeff & Shaleia. I’m now the Executive Vice President of Twin Flames Universe, and I am living in full alignment with my true self.

I get to wake up every day when I want to and have unlimited creative freedom in my work. I get to travel as I desire and live exactly the way I want to each and every day while I see everyone else my age slaves to working long hours at jobs they don’t like. My entire life is based around who I am and what I want, because I’m living my life purpose.

I could not imagine living a more amazing, fulfilling and free lifestyle and I owe it all to Life Purpose Class. It gives you all of the tools you need to get you from where you are now to where you want to be no matter your current age, occupation or station in life. When people ask each other how they’re doing these days, so many answer with a bitter and sarcastic, “Oh, ya know, livin’ the dream!” It’s sad really, because, they are so clearly miserable and feeling stuck. If that’s you right now, let me assure you: this is the way out. I can whole-heartedly say that I am living my dream now. How ’bout you?

(Experience Deanna’s life purpose progress right alongside her by watching the classes).

Deanna Pierce

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