The Full Twin Flames Universe Story: Twin Flame Ascension School & Life Purpose Class in Full

This comprehensive course index includes the entire Twin Flames Universe Life Purpose Class and Twin Flame Ascension School Classes, you will sent to Twin Flame Ascension School for each TFAS class link. you must be a member and logged into TFAS to view those classes in addition to your Life Purpose Class Membership.

LPC 1:  How to Discover Your Purpose. (FREE CLASS!)

W7Class 1: The one Lesson of TFAS: Love Yourself (FREE CLASS!)

LPC 2:  How to pursue Opportunities of Wealth and Money(FREE CLASS!)

W7Class 2: The TF Journey is one of Self Discovery, Radical Self-Acceptance and Love. (FREE CLASS!)

LPC 3:  Your Life Purpose is a Partnership with life.(FREE CLASS!)

W7Class 3: What you must Give Up to Have your HTFU (FREE CLASS!)

LPC 4:  Shift into your new life purpose “vortex,”

W7Class 4: Your Twin Flame is Your Ultimate Guru

LPC 5:  Do or Do Not, There is no Try ~Yoda

W7Class 5: Calling in Your True Twin Flame

S7Class  1: Class Link S7 #1 (FREE CLASS!)

LPC 6:  Screw it, Just Do it.

W1Class 1: Class Link W1 #1 (FREE CLASS!)

W7Class 6: Commiting to the Process and working through spiritual Blocks

S7Class  2: Class Link S7 #2

LPC 7: Class #7 Link

W1Class 2: Class Link W1 #2

W7Class 7: How to Get Out of Hell

S7Class  3: Class Link S7 #3

LPC 8: Class #8 Link

W1Class 3: Happy Wife, Happy Life. Growing into your DM/DF Energy.

W7Class 8: Twin Flames Carl and Julia Achieve HTFU at TFAS

S7Class  4: Class Link S7 #4

LPC 9: Class #9 Link

W1Class 4: Class Link W1 #4

W7Class 9: What is Permanent Harmonious Union

S7Class  5: Class Link S7 #5

LPC 10: Class #10 Link

W1Class 5: Class Link W1 #5

W7Cass 10: Clearing Childhood Spiritual Blocks

S7Class  6: Class Link S7 #6

LPC 11: Class #11 Link

W1Class 6: Class Link W1 #6

W7Class 11: The Ultimate Mirror on your Twin Flame Journey

S7Class  7: Class Link S7 #7

LPC 12: Class #12 Link

W1Class 7: Class Link W1 #7

W7Class 12: Fabian Peels back the Onion of Love and Finds Power

S7Class  8: Class Link S7 #8

LPC 13: Class #13 Link

W1Class 8: Class Link W1 #8

W7Class 13: Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams!

S7Class  9: Class Link S7 #9

LPC 14: Class #14 Link

W1Class 9: Class Link W1 #9

W7Class 14: TFAS Role Modeling Day!

S7Class  10: Class Link S7 #10

LPC 15: Class #15 Link

W1Class 10: Class Link W1 #10

W7Class 15: The Role Playing Continues!

S7Class  11: Class Link S7 #11

LPC 16: Class #16 Link

W1Class 11: Class Link W1 #11

W7Class 16: Class Link W7 #16

S7Class  12: Class Link S7 #12

LPC 17: Class #17 Link

W1Class 12: Class Link W1 #12

W7Class 17:  Class Link W7 #17

S7Class  13: This Class is not available Class Link S7 #13

LPC 18: Class #18 Link

W1Class 13: Class Link W1 #13

W7Class 18:  Class Link W7 #18

S7Class  14: Class Link S7 #14

LPC 19: Class Link #19

W1Class 14: Class Link W1 #14

W7Class 19:  Class Link W7 #19

S7Class  15: Class Link S7 #15

LPC 20: Class Link #20

W1Class 15: Class Link W1 #15

W7Cass 20: It’s a TFAS Slumber Party!

S7Class  16: Class Link S7 #16

LPC 21: Class Link #21

W1Class 16: Class Link W1 #16

W7Class 21:  Class Link W7 #21

S7Class  17: Class Link S7 #17

LPC 22: Class Link #22

W1Class 17: Class Link W1 #17


S7Class  18: Class Link S7 #18

LPC 23: Class Link #23

W1Class 18: Class Link W1 #18

W7Class 23: Bringing Love Back into Your Life and Healthy Boundaries

S7Class  19: Class Link S7 #19

LPC 24: Class Link #24

W1Class 19: Class Link W1 #19

W7Class 24: Class Link W7 #24

S7Class  20: Class Link S7 #20

LPC 25: Class Link #25

W1Class 20: Class Link W1 #20

W7Class 25: Are you Ready to Call in Your True Twin Flame!

S7Class  21: Class Link S7 #21

LPC 26: Class Link #26

W1Class 21: This Class is not Available.

W7Class 26: True Twin Flame Updates!

S7Class  22: This Class is not Available. Class Link S7 #22

LPC 27: Class Link #27

W1Class 22: Class Link W1 #22

W7Class 27: Self-Acceptance and Gratitude On Your TF Journey.

S7Class  23: Class Link S7 #23

LPC 28: Class Link #28

W1Class 23: Class Link W1 #23

W7Class 28: How to Release Control on your Twin Flame Journey.

S7Class  24: Class Link S7 #24

LPC 29: Class Link #29

W1Class 24: Class Link W1 #24

W7Class 29: Welcoming Our Twin Flame TFAS Angels!

S7Class  25: Class Link S7 #25

LPC 30: Class Link #30

W1Class 25: Class Link W1 #25

W7Cass 30:  Class Link W7 #30

S7Class  26: Class Link S7 #26

LPC 31: Class Link #31

W1Class 26: Class Link W1 #26

W7Class 31: Jeff Shares THE WAY to Manifesting Your Ultimate Desires

S7Class  27: Class Link S7 #27

LPC 32: Class Link #32

W1Class 27: Class Link W1 #27

W7Class 32: The FAST TRACK to Harmonious Twin Flame Union

S7Class  28: Class Link S7 #28

LPC 33: Class Link #33

W1Class 28: Class Link W1 #28

W7Class 33: The BIGGEST BLOCK to your Twin Flame is Connection

S7Class  29: Twin Flame Engagement Day!!

W1Class 29: Class Link W1 #29

S7Class  30: Class Link S7 #30

LPC 34: Class Link #34

W1Class 30: Class Link W1 #30

W7Class 34:  The Founding Principles to Permanent HTFU

S7Class  31: Class Link S7 #31

LPC 35: Class Link #35

W1Class 31: Class Link W1 #31

W7Class 35:  Class Link W7 #35

S7Class  32: Class Link S7 #32

LPC 36: Class Link #36

W1Class 32: Class Link W1 #32

W7Class 36:  Class Link W7 #36

S7Class  33: Class Link S7 #33

LPC 37:  How your Life purpose is a Spiritual Quest in Mastering Productivity.

W1Class 33: Class Link W1 #33

W7Class 37:  Class Link W7 #37

S7Class  34: Class Link S7 #34

LPC 38:  Porsche Edition

W1Class 34: Class Link W1 #34

W7Class 38:  Class Link W7 #38

S7Class  35: Class Link S7 #35

LPC 39: Class Link #39

W1Class 35: Class Link W1 #35

W7Class 39:  Class Link W7 #39

S7Class  36: Class Link S7 #36

LPC 40:  The Power of Trust

W1Class 36: Class Link W1 #36

W7Cass 40:   Class Link W7 #40

S7Class  37: Releasing Control in Twin Flame Union.

LPC 41:  The Soul Design of Leaders & The Soul Design of the Majority

W1Class 37: The Second Coming of Christ Through Twin Flames.

W7Cass 41: The Journey is in the Now & Not the Later.

S7Class  38: Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a Place with No Backdoor.

LPC 42:  The Purpose of Passion!

W1Class 38: Trusting the Process of Your Twin Flame Journey.

W7Cass 42: The Reason Your TF is NOT Committing to You.

S7Class  39: Do You Burn Your House Down or Heal Through Your Blocks.

LPC 43:  Drawing Eternal Energy Into Your Life Purpose

W1Class 39: The Real Way to Your Twin Flame.

W7Cass 43: Deep Diving Than Ever Before in Twin Flame Healing.

S7Class  40: Vulnerability as Healing in Twin Flame Union.  

LPC 44:  How to Learn From Experience.

W1Class 40: Preparing Sama for Her First Date.

W7Cass 44: Healing Sexual Trauma & Seeing God as Your True Lover.

S7Class 41: A Lesson in Spiritual Upheaval & How to Master It.

LPC 45:  The Purpose of Living.

W1Class 41: Sama’s Harmonious Twin Flame Union in the Making.

W7Cass 45: Our Harmonious Union in Action (Jeff’s 30th Bday Edition)

S7Class 42: Marwah Shares Her Special Twin Flame Update

LPC 46:  Don’t Be a Pussy..

W1Class 42: Sama’s Second Twin Flame Date.

W7Cass 46: Stephanie’s Twin Flame Adventure.

S7Class 43 True Sincerity and Innocence (How to Approach Union).

LPC 47:  Abundance & Discipline Go Hand-In-Hand

W1Class 43: Sama’s New Choice to Go Even Deeper with Her Twin Flame.

W7Cass 47: Father God Healing for TFs Seeking Harmonious Union  

S7Class 44: Is Discipline About Abusing Yourself/Others, Pathway to Freedom

LPC 48:  A Life Purpose Review.

W1Class 44: Sama in Union and the New Earth Blueprint for Twin Flames

W7Cass 48: God’s Lesson to Class is Reinforced an Unexpected Incident

S7Class 45: Surrendering to God (happy results – spiritually disciplined Live

LPC 49:  Jeff’s Life Purpose Story – From Poverty to True Wealth

W1Class 45: Sama Discovers Our True Love for Her and Her Twin Flame.

W7Class 49: Releasing Resistance to Your Twin Flame

S7Class 46: Ego – The Manifested Consciousness in Belief of Separation.

LPC 50:  The Core Teaching of Life Purpose Class

W1Class 46: Sama Reveals to Her TF that they are Twin Flames!

W7Class 50:  A Casual Encounter with Jeff and Shaleia.

S7Class 47: How to see through your Twin Flame’s Illusions.

LPC 51:  To Give Means You MUST Receive (The Cycle of True Abundance)!

W1Class 47: Mastering the Spiritual Journey.

W7Class 51:  Healing Twin Flame Rejection (like a Boss).

S7Class 48: The Surprising Relationship between God and Your TF Union.

LPC 52:  The Power of Surrender.

W1Class 48: Releasing Control Even Deeper to Experience Greater Peace.

W7Class 52: Practicing Presence in Union.

S7Class 49: The Mind Alignment Process in Action.

LPC 53:  Stepping Through the Portal Into the Next Chapter of Your Life Purpose.

W1 Class 49: Surrendering Deeper into Eternal Partnership.

W7Class 53: Self-Acceptance Leads to Acceptance in Your Union.

S7Class 50: How to NOT Give Up On Yourself or Your Twin Flame.

LPC 54:  Partnerships in Life Purpose Work.

W1Class 50: Let Go of Distractions on the TF Journey & Embrace Miracles

W7Class 54:  Relating Beyond Complaining.

S7Class 51: How to Identify When You Are Nearing Transformation.

LPC 55:  Exploring Divine Health and Support for a Richer Life Purpose.

W1Class 51: Ask Me Anything with Jeff and Shaleia.

W7Class 55:  Ask Us Anything with Jeff and Shaleia.

S7Class 52: A Year in Review: Is the Mirror Exercise Really Working for Me?

LPC 56:  Aldyn’s Life Purpose Conumdrum.

W1Class 52: The Key Differences Between the DM and the DF.

W7Class 56:  How to Do Your Inner Spiritual Work Like a True Master.

S7Class 53: J&S Continue to Demonstrate How They Do Spiritual Work.

LPC 57:  How to Increase Your Financial Vibration Right Now!

W1Class 53: Meeting Deanna from Subscription Land.

W7Class 57:  Ascension Milestone: When Your Inner Work is Transcending.

S7Class 54: Deepening Surrender to the Divine So All Your Good Unfolds.

LPC 58:  A Miracle Happens in Jeff and Shaleia’s Life Purpose.

W1Class 54: Clearing Ego is Critical to Attaining HTFU.

W7Class 58:  COMMITMENT – The Essential Ingredient to your TF Union.

S7Class 55: Meeting our Newest Student Amanda.

LPC 59:  Jeff and Shaleia Clearing Significant Life Purpose Blocks.

W1Class 55: Jeff Helps Shaleia Clear Relationship Blocks.

W7Class 59:  Meeting Deanna From Subscription-Land to Live Classes

S7Class 56: Healing the DF From Imbalanced Giving to Balance in Union.

LPC 60:  To HAVE ALL, Give Your ALL to the ALL.

W1Class 56: The Fast Track to a Divine Life.

W7Class 60: TF Sex, The Rules of Engagement and Releasing Control

S7Class 57: You are Lucky! You are Loved.

LPC 61:  Mastering Your LP Creates a Stable Foundation to Build and Rest Upon.

W1Class 57: Finding Your Home in God Where your TF Union Lives.

W7Class 61:  Healing a MAJOR “Runner/Chaser” TF Block: Avoidance.

S7Class 58: J&S Heal an Upset Together Regarding Community.

LPC 62: J&S Read from Author Copy of   “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

W1Class 58: J&S reveal an Excerpt from Their Book + Meet Chad.

W7Class 62:  J&S Read an Excerpt of Sama’s Twin Flame Story.

S7Class 59: Perseverance + The Mirror Exercise.

LPC 63:  Will Power Ensures Your Success 100%.

W1Class 59: How to Heal Feeling Pressured by Self and Others.

W7Class 63:  Deeper Healing of Control and Expectations over your TF

S7Class 60: Choosing Independence & Listening to Your Heart not Following the Crowd.

LPC 64: Aldyn’s GRAND Success and Why it’s an Incredible Gift for You.

W1Class60: Coming Alive in The Fires of God.

W7Class 64:  The Amazing Power of Miraculous Healing.

S7Class 61: What Does it Mean to Love Another?

LPC 65:  Jeff and Shaleia’s Juicy LP Breakthrough.

W1Class61: How to Get What You Desire, How to Know When You’re Giving Up Everything.

W7Class 65: Diving So Deep, Our Illusions Fall Off.  

S7Class 62: Diving into Heavenly Ecstasy.

LPC 66:  Why was Jeff Singing in the Shower Before Class.

W1Class62: The Story Doesn’t Matter.

W7Class 66: Jeff Discovers Gratitude is in Awe of God.

S7Class 63: The One Thing You Cannot Pass Up.

LPC 67:  Why you have to Pay to Live.

W1Class 63: The Curriculum of Peace.

W7Class 67: Cosmic, Orgasmic Enlightenment  

S7Class 64: Where to Find Love when it’s Hiding.

LPC 68:  Jeff and Shaleia Answer the Questions About Themselves.

W1Class64: Transforming Anxiety Into Enormous Peace.

W7Class 68: The Place of Infinite Love and Union.

S7Class 65: Should you Stay Together For the Kids.

LPC 69:  Meeting your Maker, Facing your Destiny.

W1Class65: Unlimited Peace.

W7Class 69:  Deanna’s Impossible Discovery.

S7Class 66: The Miracle of Oneness.

LPC 70:  The Mosaic of Higher Perspective.

W1Class66: The Path of Love.

W7Class 70: Is Your Reality Friendly and Loving, or Chaotic and Fearful?

S7Class 67: The Twin Flame Secret, Beneath Everything.

LPC 71: God-Code Activate.

W1Class67: Chrissy’s Miraculous Transformation.

W7Class 71:  LOL Fabian’s Cats and Kitten Mayhem LOLOL

S7Class 68: The Horrible Effects of Too Much Discipline, How to Avoid Them Once and For All.

LPC 72:  The Impossible To Go Back From.

W1Class68: Mario, Mario, Mario!!!

W7Class 72:  Twin Flames Are REAL. The Facts, Evidence, and Proof.

S7Class 69: Anne The Man.

LPC 73:  Wherein We Science the Heck Out of This.

W1Class69: Welcoming Dany.

W7Class 73:  Jeff Cries. A Lot.

S7Class 70: On Men and How to Love Your Man.

LPC 74:  How Relationships Form the Basis of Success.

W1Class70: Mike and Amanda get Kicked Out Of Class.

W7Class 74:  Intimacy with Soul-Mates.

S7Class 71: Seeing Yourself as Diving.

LPC 75:  Deanna’s Miraculous Life Purpose Story.  

W1Class71: Elle’s Courage is Revealed (Happy Halloween)!

W7Class 75:  Halloween Special and The Purpose of Vulnerability.

S7Class 72: The Relationship with God You Need.

LPC 76:  The Happening.

W1Class72: The Miracle of Love.

W7Class 76:  Deep Work, Clarity Discovered.

S7Class 73:Coming Full Circle and the Importance of Boundaries.

LPC 77:  Using LPC to Manifest Your Perfect Life.

W1Class73: The Juiciest Romance Ever.

W7Class 77:  Michaila Heals Deep Separation, Gets Closer to Her TF

S7Class 74: How Jesus Loved God.

LPC 78:  Miracle Consciousness in Life Purpose.

W1Class74: What it REALLY Means to Put God First.

W7Class 78:  Finding Faith Through Surrender and the Gifts it Brings

S7Class 75: Pure Love Consciousness and How to Navigate Through it.

LPC 79:  The Miracle of Following God’s Way

W1Class75: The Ten Thousand Dollar Kiss.

W7Class 79:  Denna’s Reunion with Her Twin Flame.

S7Class 76: What Are You Really Inside?

S7 Class 76.5: Releasing Anne and Catrina: Special Part 2

LPC 80:  The Last Place You Look.

W1Class76: Communion / Loving Them to Let Them Go.

W7Class 80:  Unconditional Love for Twin Flames

S7Class 77: Subtle Vibrations of Love Achieved Through Mastery.

LPC 81:  The Fruits of Your Efforts.

W1Class77: Finding Joy in Responsibility.

W7Class 81: A Whole New World of Peace.

S7Class 78: Identifying The Voice of Peace.

LPC 82:  Mastering Vision


W7Class 82: Happy Harmonious Union Day Recap Discussion.

S7Class 79: The Root of Separation.

LPC 83:  Two Words To Save Your Life (Christmas Special 2018)

W1Class79: Harmonious Union is Real.

W7Class 83: 123…Your Twin Flame Loves You.

S7Class 80: Live in NYC!

LPC 84: Live in NYC!

W1Class 80: Live in NYC!

W7Class 84:Live in NYC!

S7Class 81: Love Remains

LPC 85: How to Follow Your Heart

W1Class 81: Meet Dani’s Twin Ian. He is NOT Woo-Woo

W7Class 85: The Abiding Presence of Your One True Love

S7Class 82:No No Drama!

LPC 86: Committing to Artistry

W1Class 82: Sama’s Revelation

W7Class 86: Feelings and Emotional Mastery

S7Class 83:Soul Family Scientific Exploration

LPC 87: Non-Attachment = God’s Nectar

W1Class 83: Harmonious Union Check In

W7Class 87: Feeling Good NOW

S7Class 84: Charlie Loves Polar Bears

LPC 88:The End of LPC

W1Class 84: Bridezilla Romprstompin’ Her Wedding

W7Class 88:Happily Ever After

S7Class 85: Final Surrender

LPC 89:Fundamental Nutrition

W1Class 85: Ian Loves Deals

W7Class 89:Love Story Review

S7Class 86: All Good Things Must Continue Forever

LPC 90: Goodbye, It’s Time to Live Your Life

W1Class 86: Real Surrender, Completely Letting Go

W7Class 90:Inner Work, Turning The Corner

S7Class 87:Angela’s Big Revelation

LPC 91: The Secret of Life

W1Class 87: She Tells Him What To Do And He Doesn’t Like It

W7Class 91:Becoming The Twin Flame Master

S7Class 88:Amanda’s Final Core Healing Before Harmonious Twin Flame Union

LPC 92: The Never Ending Fairytale of Life

W1Class 88:The Act of The Living Ascension

W7Class 92: The Big Red Bowl of Delights

S7Class 89: Non-Attachment

LPC 93: Eternal Success

W1Class 89: Keely’s Got it All

W7Class 93:Success Begets Success

S7Class 90:Amanda’s Great Time

LPC 94: Sharpening The Cadence of Your Life (Starring Elle)

W1Class 90: Ineffable Peace

W7Class 94: Fabian (still) Loves Paula

LPC 95: Life Purpose Class Tues 8pm Class #95: Don’t Get F*cked

LPC 96: Life Purpose Class Tues 8pm Class #96: Jeff and Shaleia’s Sweet Conclusion